3 Reasons to Use an NFT Management Platform in New York

reasons to use nft management platform

As an asset manager of a nft company management, you’ve probably wondered whether it is worth using an NFT management platform. After all, NFT markets are much more open than their traditional counterparts. They are built on a publicly accessible blockchain infrastructure, making most of their transaction data readily available to the public. That means that it is difficult to construct data moats and keep the most sensitive information confidential. In this article, we will explore some of the benefits and drawbacks of these platforms.


With over a decade of experience, GBKSOFT has crafted a bespoke platform for healthcare organizations, medical ISVs, and medical device manufacturers. GBKSOFT specializes in the development of bespoke software and provides high-quality custom development services. The firm was founded in 1989 and specializes in medical device development. Here, you will find customer testimonials for GBKSOFT.

A company specializing in custom mobile and web applications, GBKSOFT excels at building complex, dynamic apps. Each one of their applications is custom-designed beyond a client’s wildest dreams. Every element of the app–logo, icon, and website design–is carefully crafted. GBKSOFT uses the latest technology and design to make every app a one-of-a-kind creation.

Unlike many pre-built solutions, GBKSOFT performs the complete development cycle. As a result, the NFT management platform you receive is a seamless experience. GBKSOFT works with the most experienced blockchain specialist and performs all phases of development. You’ll enjoy the flexibility and quality of working with software developers, who can turn your ideas into detailed project plans and implement the desired features. Custom back-ends can be created to generate smart contracts and emphasize your brand identity.


The OpenSea nft management system is a good place to start when you’re interested in using the NFT as a medium of exchange. Unlike other platforms, where you have to pay for every sale, OpenSea lets you sell NFTs right from your phone. In just a few clicks, you can set your price and schedule a listing. You can also select to list your NFT at a fixed price or as a Buy Now price. Depending on the amount of NFTs you’re trying to sell, this option can be very convenient.

First, you’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet to use OpenSea. If you don’t already have one, MetaMask is recommended. Once you’ve downloaded the application, you’ll need to purchase Ethereum (ETH) or Wrapped Ethereum (WETH). You’ll need ETH to buy NFTs at the buy-it-now price or to place bids.


A full-cycle software development company, Softermii specializes in creating robust web and mobile applications. The company has offices around the world and a staff of over thirty talented developers. Their services include product management, devOps, web and mobile app development, and quality assurance assistance. Softermii is primarily focused on working with small and mid-market clients. OTAKOYI was founded in Lviv, Ukraine, in 2011 and has grown to more than 70 in-house specialists.

An eCommerce NFT platform must integrate wallet functionality and buy and sell NFTs. This functionality enables users to manage NFTs without leaving the platform. Beginners will benefit from the rating system, and non-traders will enjoy the auction. The auction function draws traffic to the platform. If you have a team with extensive experience in the NFT industry, Softermii is a good choice for your project.


There are several reasons to use a nft management platform for your cryptocurrency projects. First, it will save you time. You don’t want to spend too much time creating your tokens and then having them rejected. If you want to get your tokens approved quickly and easily, you can use an nft management platform like Bitski. They provide a secure environment that will allow you to submit NFTs without delay.

Another reason to use a nft management platform like Bitski is its ease of use. Its NFT marketplace is built with Ethereum smart contracts, and users are required to pay gas fees when interacting with the contracts. Additionally, you can create multiple accounts with one account and trade assets with others using Bitski. In addition to being a great option for managing your assets, Bitski also provides a wallet application that you can access from any device. This is a great feature for anyone who wants to keep their digital assets secure and accessible anywhere.