The Benefits of Packaging Finishing in Glenwood Landing

benefits of packaging finishing

Alongside providing protection, varnish also adds a premium look to packaging and printing projects. This technique can be applied across the whole print area or selectively to highlight specific design elements.

Finishing solutions such as foils, textures, and embossing have become increasingly popular. While they may require extra steps to use effectively, they offer great satisfaction and value to users.


Packaging finishing can be an affordable way to make your products more noticeable in Glenwood Landing, increasing brand recognition while simultaneously decreasing shipping costs through reduced product weight. Depending on the design of the packaging, additional effects such as embossing or foil stamping may also be possible depending on its dimensions.

High-end finishes can elevate the feel of your packaging, giving it a premium aesthetic and improving brand experiences. Popular examples of such finishes are soft touch lamination and embossing; both add extra layers of sophistication.

High-end finishes are usually only accessible with larger volumes and may be prohibitively expensive for smaller orders. Therefore, it’s essential that your production volume requirements are clearly communicated to your packaging supplier in order to find suitable production and finishing options that suit both your budget and production volume requirements. A quality supplier will offer overseas production which gives access to more luxurious finishes which would otherwise be out of reach, saving money on base cost while opening up access to higher end options that were out of reach before.

Environmentally friendly

Eco-friendly materials have become an increasing priority for consumers, prompting an upsurge in demand for eco-friendly packaging and encouraging companies to adopt sustainable practices. Furthermore, certain regions and countries have regulations which mandate businesses take responsibility for waste they create through Extended Producer Responsibilities (EPR) regulations that could have an immediate effect on your business’s packaging needs.

Traditional plastics are created using petroleum resources that pollute the environment at every step in their lifecycle, becoming toxic as they degrade. Eco-friendly packaging on the other hand uses renewable or recycled materials in its creation and manufacturing.

UV varnishes and coatings do not contain petroleum and can be cured using ultra-violet light rather than heat for faster drying times without emitting toxic volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere during their curing process. They also can be run through standard papermaking machines without needing new machinery; making this an environmentally-friendly finish option.


High-quality printing processes are an integral component of packaging design. Achieving distinction from competitors while impressing consumers with product quality are paramount goals of high-quality packaging design; adding finishing effects such as UV coating can help accomplish this objective.

This technique makes your printed packaging stand out visually while offering a smooth and sleek finish that resists fingerprints and smudges. Furthermore, embossing and debossing work together well for creating an enhanced tactile experience.

Matte finish has a dull, matte appearance and less reflective properties than gloss, making it more durable. This type of finish works particularly well when combined with darker colors or simple designs and can even be combined with spot varnish or embossing for an eco-friendly solution compared to glossy lamination which may contain toxic substances when improperly disposed. Brands like Apple have made this style popular to convey premium, high-end appeal while protecting the environment with these types of finishes.


Crafting an appealing printed product or packaging takes more than just great design; selecting appropriate substrates, coatings, and finishing effects can make a decisive statement about who and what your brand stands for in an otherwise generic marketplace.

One of the most widely used types of finishes is varnish, which serves to protect printed ink from being scratched off by dirt and scratches. Varnish comes in various colors and textures and can even be combined with embossing as one form of decoration.

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However, it’s essential to keep in mind the environmental impact of using varnish when selecting materials and disposing of it properly. Foils offer another great option for increasing visual appeal in packaging – available in metallics and holographic hues, foils can add a luxurious and intriguing element that works particularly well when embossing is applied over embossing for extra visual effect and dimension within packages or particular parts thereof. They can even be targeted specifically to draw attention toward particular features on each package’s exterior surface or inside for further enhancement.