7 Top Packaging Trends for Kensington, New York for 2022

packaging trends in 2022

Reusable packaging is likely to continue to grow in popularity in the years ahead for Kensington, New York. Companies like Loop and Algramo are leading the way in this space, allowing consumers to refill common products, minimizing packaging waste. They are already active in several countries and will be expanding into major retail outlets this year.


Transparency is a major trend in packaging, and it’s expected to continue in the years to come. Whether it’s the ingredients of a product, or the story behind the brand, consumers want to know the truth. Transparent packaging makes it easier for consumers to check out what’s inside, as well as to ensure product safety. Flexible packaging also offers consumers ease of storage, opening, and resealing.

The latest packaging trends will emphasize a more immersive brand experience. Like Steve Jobs once said, “Packaging is theater.” Packaging creates a story for consumers, which can help them decide which brands to purchase. This means that brands should spend more on the right packaging elements.


The cleanliness trend continues to grow as consumers are demanding more environmentally friendly cleaning products and personal care products. As a result, they want to know if the packaging they buy will maintain product integrity, prevent spills, and be sustainable. According to Robert Scott’s research, the top three cleaning trends for 2022 will be visibility, frequency, and green cleaning.

Plastic-free claims will still be important in the packaged goods space in 2022, but they will need to be paired with a recycling strategy. This will help brands respond to a consumer demand for transparency. In France, for example, the sale of fruit and vegetables in plastic packaging will be prohibited by the beginning of 2022. The French Government has been reducing plastic usage since 2020, and the packaging of fruit and vegetables will be no exception.

Color gradients

Color gradients on packaging are one of the design trends that will continue to grow in popularity in the coming years. This design style is popular for a variety of reasons, including its ability to create uniqueness in a package, and because it can be used to blend different colors together to add depth to a design. In addition, gradients can be used digitally, which makes them an excellent option for packaging design.

For the next year, designers are encouraged to use more gradients on their packaging, and a palette of nature-inspired hues has been selected by PPG as the color of the year. Using these hues will help brands communicate a feeling of calmness and comfort, and they will also give products a more organic appearance.

Personalized packaging

With today’s consumers more choosy than ever, it makes sense to create more personalized packaging that speaks to their unique tastes. In fact, personalization is the number one packaging trend for 2022. It’s a great way to increase brand awareness and add value to the purchasing experience.

Personalized packaging is becoming easier to achieve thanks to new technologies and materials. It will help businesses reduce their carbon footprint, while also increasing consumer trust.

Plastic-free claims

In the coming years, plastic-free claims will be essential for packaged goods. While plastic remains the preferred material in many categories, the need for more sustainable packaging solutions is accelerating. Rapid innovations will improve packaging materials’ safety and efficacy. It is expected that many packaging products will be plastic-free by 2022.

Shareholder advocacy is already affecting the industry. Shareholder resolutions have led to important agreements, including a push for companies to use recycled material in packaging. In the United States, shareholder proposals have prompted major companies to make commitments to reduce plastic packaging or to publish reports on their recycling infrastructure.

Transparent packaging

Transparent packaging is a trend that has been gaining momentum in recent years. Brands from packaging onto company new york ,packaging onto solutions new york city are taking note, realizing that consumers want to know what they’re buying and how it was produced. It also promotes trust between brands and consumers. Consumers are more educated than ever, and they expect to see honest information on packaging.

Transparent packaging allows consumers to see and feel the product, making it more appealing to purchase. In addition, it provides an additional platform for advertising.